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Grandma's Ugly Afghan Slipper-Sock

Supplied courtesy of lvBOOKS at


Pattern, web page & all contents are Copyright 2004 by Linda Victorek/lvBOOKS. Pattern may be used for personal use.


I came up with this pattern about a year ago and just had to name it "Granny's Ugly Afghan Slipper Sock". This is because I think of chevron, ripple, zig-zag or whatever you like to call it as "the" prototypical stitch for afghans and partially because of the yarn which was a thrift store purchase. I thought it was ugly yarn when I bought it but bought it, anyway, because it was so very cheap (probably because it was so very ugly) and I figured it would be good "fidget" yarn.  So, now you know. 

Anyway, since the slipper has held up nicely (cheap yarn & cockroaches) and more importantly, wears well (no slipping, twisting about the foot or walking out of it) I decided to re-make it using what I consider to be nicer yarn. Another thrift store purchase -- a very bright variegated pink that has been seductively whispering "use me". No, the yarn does not glow in the dark.
Can you have enough slipper socks? Nah. So, I made another pair with yet more variegated pink yarn and added some black. This looks so much better in real life. BTW, these aren't my legs. I stuffed the slippers with yarn -- what else? And yes, it is pink yarn.
Basically, this thing is simply 2 chevron tubes, each with a mitered square hanging off one end. Sew the 2 tubes together with the mitered squares matching to form the heel. Then sew shut one of the open ends to form the toe. Viola, a slipper. Here is a back & side view of the shape you'll end up making. So, let's get to it then.



Materials: about 3.5 - 4 oz. worsted weight yarn. Size 7 &  8 circular needles. Size 8 straight needles.

Approximate Gauge in pattern with size 8 needles: 5.50 sts & 7 rows = 1"

Size: fits my size 9 foot.


  1.) Cast on 48 sts to #7 circular needles & purl one row. Join with purl side facing you and place marker for beginning of round.

  2.) *K1, SKP, K8, INC, K1, INC, K8, K2T* two times.

  3.) Purl

Repeat rows 2 & 3 at least two more times to have 4 garter stitch ridges.

  8.) Change to #8 circular needles and repeat row 2.

  9.) Knit

Repeat rows 8 & 9 seven times more.

 24.) *K1, SKP, K8, INC, K1, INC, K21,  INC, K1, INC, K8, K2T (Increase to 50 stitches)

 25.) Knit

 26.) K11, INC, K1, INC, K9, K2T, K1, SKP, K9, INC, K1, INC, K10 (Increase to 52 stitches)

 27.) Knit

 28.) *K1, SKP, K9, INC, K1, INC, K9, K2T* two times.

 29.) Knit


Now you're just about ready to start the heel and change off to straight needles.

 30.) Knit 13, Turn. Knit 27 onto #8 straight needle. Let the other stitches dangle on the circular needle, unless this sort of thing gets on your nerves, then put them onto a string or whatever.


The Heel: Although I used an edge stitch when making the mitered square that forms the heel, it isn't mentioned it in the following directions. I kept the beginning marker in place when working the m-square, but it isn't necessary to do so, if it gets in your way.

 1.)  K11, K2T, K1, SKP, K11 (Decrease to 25 stitches)

 2.)  Knit

 3.)  K10, K2T, K1, SKP, K10 (Decrease to 23 stitches)

 4.)  Knit

 5.)  K9, K2T, K1, SKP, K9 (Decrease to 21 stitches)

 6.)  Knit

 7.)  K8, K2T, K1, SKP, K8 (Decrease to 19 stitches)

 8.)  Purl

 9.)  K7, K2T, K1, SKP, K7 (Decrease to 17 stitches)

10.)  Knit

11.)  K6, K2T, K1, SKP, K6 (Decrease to 15 stitches)

12.)  Purl

13.)  K5, K2T, K1, SKP, K5 (Decrease to 13 stitches)

14.)  Knit

15.)  K4, K2T, K1, SKP, K4 (Decrease to 11 stitches)

16.)  Purl

17.)  K3, K2T, K1, SKP, K3 (Decrease to 9 stitches)

18.)  Knit

19.)  K2, K2T, K1, SKP, K2 (Decrease to 7 stitches)

20.)  Purl

21.)  K1, K2T, K1, SKP, K1 (Decrease to 5 stitches)

Keep reading....


Slip the five stitches onto a #7 circular needle.

Pickup 11 stitches along the left side of the m-square, place a marker, knit the 25 stitches that have been hanging about, place a marker, PUP 11 stitches on the right side m-square, knit 2 stitches and, if needed, place a marker for beginning of round.

Purl one round.

Knit one round.

Purl one round.


That's it. Make another one of these shapes and join them together either with weaving or by doing a 3 needle bind-off (my preference). You'll find there is a one stitch jog between the 2 shapes. I simply lined up the extra 2 markers and slipped one stitch from one needle tip to the other before doing the bind off. This results in the need to do a tiny bit of "creative sewing", but I figure, what the hey, it's the heel.

After this,  flatten out one of the open ends so that the points of the chevron match up & sew them together.


Width at 48 stitches is approximately 9"

The m-square is approximately 4" deep including the last few knit, purl rounds.

Length of sole is approximately 8.5"


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